The Table @en

What was elBulli? A restaurant? A laboratory? An experiment? Will their innovation model be extrapolated to other industries? The idea came from two publicists, Jorge Martínez and Toni Segarra, when Fundación Telefónica commissioned them to handle the advertising for the upcoming exhibition on Ferran Adrià ‘Auditing the Creative Process’. In response to this proposal, they made a counterproposal. “What if we do a research on the creative process instead of an ordinary campaign?”. And so began The Table…

Jorge Martínez: “The important thing is to make things happen”

He was a little boy with a burning ambition. He wanted to be an architect and, along the way, to combat the evils of the world. But architecture seemed very far away… Maybe even farther than living in slums as an expatriate. Jorge Martínez did not like studying. And that, which could have become a heavy burden, ended up making the teenager much more mature than would be expected for someone of his age.