Educational Activities: CREATIVE NATIVES

The proposed educational activities accompanying the ‘Ferran Adrià. Auditing the Creative Process‘ exhibition focus on creativity and innovation, seeking to promote the public’s active participation as well as to highlight the creative processes inherent in all disciplines, based on the work undertaken in the Bullipedia Lab and focusing on the decoding of the culinary genome.

Programme for adults

Let’s talk about… Auditing the Creative Process

Visits with commentary of the exhibition for groups (must be booked in advance), and visits with commentary for individuals every Tuesday at midday (no need to book in advance).

Creative milestones: independent multimedia tour

Visit the Espacio Fundación Telefónica and its exhibitions, which feature various creative milestones. Available on the digital screens at reception as well as through the Espacio Fundación Telefónica app which is available on the App Store and Google Play

Find out more about Auditing the creative process

A list of bibliographical sources and digital resources for independent reading about the content of the exhibition. Available to download free on-line.
More information on guided visits

Workshops on creativity and innovation for adults

Creative processes in photography
Delivered by Javier Vallhonrat, this workshop views creativity as a coming together of abilities which exist within all of us, and which are activated through practice, and its application in the creation of a photographic work.

Generative art and food: designing textures with Processing
In this workshop you will learn about the research which has been carried out regarding the most common themes in the texture of foods. We will use a piece of software called Processing to generate images inspired by food.

ELBULLIción (Adrià deconstructed)
Meet with cartoonists Gallego&Rey for a frank overview of their professional work. They will discuss their creative methods and how they create their work.

Architecture and culinary design Creative methods and processes
A workshop on architectural and culinary creativity which will focus on the design of edible products, using geometric principles and applied architectural topology as the main tools.

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Programme for Children

For families with children aged between 6 and 12 years old.
Submerge yourself in the creative universe of El Bulli and discover how creativity and innovation are present in day-to-day objects as well as in more spectacular constructions. (Must be booked in advance)

The Maze of the Senses. The creative process of perceptive language.
In this workshop we will become explorers in every sense of the word, performing experiments which help us learn more about food. (Must be booked in advance)

Open for the holidays
This programme consists of extended workshops during school holidays, for children between 6 and 12. The activities will be based on the exhibitions, art, technology and creativity.

Programme for teens (13 TO 17)

Discover your process. Creativity in day-to-day activities
This workshop aims to show young people their innate ability to be creative, helping them find their own way and make them understand why it is necessary.

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Conecta_Escuela (Activities for schoolchildren)

Soñando, soñando (Dreaming, dreaming)
Aimed towards: Preschool
After visiting the exhibition, we will explore the idea raised in the exhibition that we can see, touch and smell, and create a story. (Must be booked in advance)

Encapsulados (Making a time capsule)
Aimed towards: Primary School
Just like at el Bulli, where they designed crockery and utensils for each culinary creation according to what they wanted to achieve, we will make a time capsule which will contain all of our impossible objects. (Must be booked in advance)

Manos a la obra (Changes)
Aimed towards: Secondary School
After visiting the exhibition and learning about the transformation of el Bulli and of Ferrán Adrià himself, we will set about bringing a change to the classroom through creative processes, analysing our likes and dislikes, and thinking about how we can change things creatively and collaboratively. (Must be booked in advance)
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Teachers’ Session

A training session for teachers which lasts two hours, including a guided visit of the exhibition and information on the educational programme. Teachers’ books with suggestions for activities will be handed out, there will be a practical workshop, and we will talk about the themes brought up in the exhibition. (Must be booked in advance)

Teachers’ book
Part of the CONECTA_profes programme, this digital book aims to guide teachers through the educational activities by means of different resources and personalised advice relating to the exhibitions at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.
Available to download free at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica website.

Find out more about Auditing the creative process
A list of bibliographical sources and digital resources for independent reading about the content of the exhibition. Available to download free on-line.
More info on these activities.