Renzo Garibaldi: “Everything that is born from you is creative”

Each person has a different reaction to the same images. That reaction for Renzo Garibaldi, owner of Osso, a slaughterhouse and salami-making operation in Peru, is creativity.

Renzo Garibaldi greets us atOsso, a slaughterhouse and salami-making operation he owns in Lima (Peru).He describes himself as “a cook before butcher by chronology and a butcher before cook by passion”.In his experience creativity has been instrumental.

In Osso it all started with meat cutting until this “mutated” into a restaurant, with only one table, but a restaurant where interaction with the customer is one of its cornerstones.“Around that table is where we have contact with the customer, talking, tasting different types of meat and swapping stories over a few glasses of wine”.

To Renzo, creativity is the expression of what each of us has within us, but often do not give ourselves permission to bring forth.“It might not be an innovation, it might not be the discovery of the century, but that does not stop it from being creative because it happened to you, was born from you and everything that is born from you is creative – it doesn’t have to be an innovation.”