Everyday problems distract you from the creative process

Eduard Xatruch, Marc Cuspinera and Oriol Castro, the three chefs from elBulli, tell us about their experience alongside Ferran Adrià. What the synergies were among the team members, how the creative process was generated… ultimately how Ferran could see what others could not and how he managed to get his team to see it too.

Everyday problems distract you from the creative process.  That is why the difference between a creative restaurant and elBulli lies in closing for six months to focus on creating in the workshop. This is one of the pillars supporting the creative process that Ferran Adrià began at elBulli.

In this six-month period, chefs Eduard Xatruch, Marc Cuspinera and Oriol Castro tell us, the space changed, the routine changed, and this was how they achieved that, each year, after this evolutionary process of creation, everything at elBulli changed.

“Ferran caused it to happen. He changed the paradigm, he wanted to focus on creativity without being contaminated by the day-to-day routine of the restaurant. His obsession was to change and to create new ways of working.” And he succeeded.