How to introduce creativity at work

On 10th June, the communication campaign was presented for the exhibition “Ferran Adrià. Auditing the Creative Process.” It is a very special campaign led by Fundación Telefónica.

We are researching.We want to discoverwhat happens from the emergence of an idea until it becomes a dish, a painting or a mathematical formula.Our starting point is everything Ferran Adrià and his team learned at elBulli, and we continue by holding panel discussions with designers, architects, curators, cooks…

We are trying to understand better what creativity is and how we can introduce it into our work and our lives.Plus, we are doing it together –The Table and Fundación Telefónica and, if you want, you can join us too.

Here you can get to know us better and learn more about this project:  /category/the-table/