The Table

What was elBulli? A restaurant? A laboratory? An experiment? At Fundación Telefónica, we want to discover what happened in that corner of Cala Montjoi to make a group of chefs, led by Ferran Adrià, revolutionise gastronomy. We want to see whether their innovation model can be extrapolated to other industries.

The idea came from two publicists, Jorge Martínez and Toni Segarra, when Fundación Telefónica commissioned them to handle the advertising for the upcoming exhibition on ‘Ferran Adrià. Auditing the Creative Process’. In response to this proposal, they made a counterproposal. “What if we do research on the creative process instead of an ordinary campaign?”

And that’s where it all began…

Toni Segarra and Jorge Martínez set up The Table, an agency that was created at the beginning of this research study and will disappear when it is finished. That final date is 8th October, the day that ‘Ferran Adrià. Auditing the Creative Process’ opens at Espacio Fundación Telefónica. That date will also see the official launch of a space that seeks to become one of the main international centres of innovation and creativity: elBullifoundation.


The Table aims to discover what kind of revolution elBulli entailed in the restaurant field and, with these findings in hand, to determine what kind of transformation could be caused by an agency following the elBulli model in the field of advertising agencies.

The Table will apply in its own work the lessons that its members have been learning from their reflections on elBulli and from conversations with other creative and scientific icons who they will be interviewing over these months, such as the designer Stefan Sagmeister, the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, the architect Andrés Jaque and mathematical and scientific maven Enrique Gracián.

The agency was also created as a testing ground. It starts with the premise of “doing something different to get different results.” The Table brings the elBulli philosophy to its own work to try to answer one of the big underlying questions: Is the elBulli concept of innovation applicable to other industries? Can it help find formulas for a new advertising agency model?

The Table is nomadic. It needs no headquarters. It has no employees or staff. Toni Segarra and Jorge Martínez have the campaign’s vision and have brought together an open and flexible platform of talent in which people from different disciplines will be collaborating. It does not set out with a closed or definitive message that needs to be communicated. The message lies in the research, the process and the reflections that spring up along the way.

The story will be told until 8th October on a digital platform that will grow as the research progresses. This space will be showing interviews, reflections and findings using videos, texts and visual information pieces. And it will be participatory. So that you can express your ideas about this fascinating mental space where innovation and creativity emerge.

We’ll be expecting you.